Haldwani to Rudrapur Taxi Service

Do you want to experience an amazing road trip with a heart-melting nature view? If yes, then you should make a trip to Rudrapur by rental car. You can book cabs at the best fares with KumaunYatra.

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Haldwani to Rudrapur Taxi | Book Cabs at Reasonable Prices With Us

Rudrapur is an amazing place in Uttarakhand, India, where one can see picturesque sights that are a treat to the eyes. It is a perfect place to create memories with your family members and friends. You can book cabs via Haldwani to Rudrapur taxi service to experience an amazing road trip with heart-melting nature. It is a trip that will always remain in your memories. You can easily book a rental car for your destination. For tourists, it is really easy to book a rental car from a nearby airport to reach there.

With KumaunYatra, one can experience the most fantastic trip of their lives at a reasonable price. With our taxi service, you can have a comfortable and hazard-free road trip with your friends and family and create lifetime memories. When a person travels, it means the person has got a short escape from their hazardous life and busy schedule. Traveling helps to rejuvenate a person's soul, and that's why comfort is the first thing everyone looks for while exploring new locations. KumaunYatra taxi service understands your requirements, and that's why they aim to offer all the customers an enjoyable and comfortable road trip.

Why Should You Travel Via Taxi from Haldwani to Rudrapur?

There are several transportation options on this route, but nothing is as comfortable as a car journey. A car journey on this route will help you to enrich your box of memories with amazing new memories. You will love the hazard-free journey, especially if you book a Haldwani to Rudrapur taxi from a reliable service provider such as KumaunYatra. With us, you will be able to cover the route at an affordable rate.

You'll also be able to visit other amazing locations on your way to Rudrapur, such as the Tanda Forest range, Bel Baba Mandir, etc. If you want to rent a car for your use, We will provide you with per km costs. Not only that, but we offer shared rides for solo travelers as well. With us, you can always request a break whenever you think you need it.

Distance from Haldwani to Rudrapur and Needed Time to Reach


It is a short trip, and the distance between these two places is around 31 km. To cover the distance, the cab will take something around 50 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes. It is when you don't take any breaks on the way, or the cab doesn't get stuck in traffic. It is always advised to anticipate a delay of half an hour while making your arrangements at the destination.

Why choose KumaunYatra as Haldwani to Rudrapur Taxi Service?

Though there are several cab service providers, KumaunYatra is one of the leading names among them. We have a team of the most experienced and knowledgeable drivers who will make your trip memorable. They will drop you at your location safely and help you gain knowledge about the region and its culture. We also offer well-maintained vehicles for this purpose. The driver will take care of all your requirements and needs so that you can relax throughout your journey and enjoy the time.

We offer the most affordable Haldwani to Rudrapur taxi fare in the area as we do not want you to compromise your comfort thinking about the expenses, and that's why we have the most comfortable options for everyone.

We help our customers to create memories. That's why we offer convenient booking options as well. You can book us through offline and online mode, and the process is completely hazard-free. With friendly drivers, it will become a journey you will remember. Unlike other cab service providers, we understand your every requirement and give our 100% to satisfy your needs.

What are the Haldwani to Rudrapur Cab Options?

No matter whether you travel solo, with a small group of 3 to 4 people, or a big group of 8 to 9 people, we have an option for everyone. Also, no matter whether you prefer Sedan, a luxury car, or you are running on a tight budget; we have suitable Haldwani to Rudrapur taxi options for you. KumaunYatra offers a huge range of vehicles to choose your preferred option and enjoy the journey. We request you to do your bookings at least 1 to 2 days in advance for in-city travel, and for out-of-town travel, please book 1 to 2 weeks in advance.


We are here 24*7 at your service as per you need us. For your journey from Haldwani to any destination, we are here to provide you with amazing comfort and 100% satisfaction. Now, don't think much and book your cab today.


How to book a taxi from Haldwani to Rudrapur With KumaunYatra?

One can book a taxi with KumaunYatra online and offline. One can book cabs anytime from the official website - https://kumaunyatra.in/. For offline booking, contact us at +91-9536339740.

Are one-way rental cabs available?

Yes. With KumaunYatra, you can easily book comfortable one-way rental cabs from Haldwani to any place.

Client Review:

Sumit Kumar

We had so much fun with KumaunYatra. They guided us and we heard stories about regional culture from the driver. It was an amazing experience.

Kusum Sahan

I went on a trip with my friends and we are satisfied by the service offered by KumaunYatra. The driver had amazing hands on the steering wheel and we had so much fun.